Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to make Header and Footer on First Page Only Using Office Word 2010

Sometimes we need to give footer or header on our document. It is not difficult, however, if we need only giving footer or header on the firts page, how?
Please read the following instruction before you start!
1. Open Microssof Office Word 2010
2. Open your document
3 Choose Menu Insert

Choose Menu Insert

4 Edit Header

5 Check on Header on first page
6. Write your header or footer
7. Save your document

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What if you do exactly this and the header shows on everything but the first page?

Snap Anonymous! So did you ever sort this issue as I would love to know as I'm being driven mad header madness!!

Anonymous and N,

If you use the option shown above and CUT and PASTE your header from page 2 to will solve your problem...enjoy..

Hi, I just came across this page in my search to find out how to add a header/footer only to the first page too. I figured it out. You have to start with a fresh document. You can't kind of 'retrofit' the function. If you already have a document you're working on, simply do the 'first page only' header and footer in a new document, then copy and paste all the content into the new document. Remember, you have to follow the instructions for the header and footer separately.

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